What Bait Works for Armadillos?

We have some bad news for you, folks … There is NO bait that works to catch an armadillo. Nothing. Zilch. We know that doesn't help you when you're trying to trap and then remove an armadillo that has moved into your backyard, but the fact of it is this: you don't need bait to successfully trap an armadillo. Instead, you should focus on WHERE you are putting the traps, not what you're throwing inside them.

Armadillos eat insects and worms, found during mini excavation missions that leave you with holes all over your property. You could head to your local pet store and buy the insects that are meant for reptiles and exotic pets, but you're going to have a pretty tough time getting them to stay in the trap. We have heard of people using stockings willed with crickets, earthworms, etc., but everyone who has tried usually proclaims that they don't work well.

If you use human food in the trap, you're not going to catch an armadillo. This animal doesn't eat fruit, and it won't be lured into a trap by the scent of some tasty strawberries or a few slices of apple. You will lure in other animals, however, which could then leave you with multiple pest animal problems on your property. Rats, mice, opossums, skunks, raccoons, foxes, and plenty more animals are going to relish the thought of that free fruit meal, even if it means getting caught up in the trap themselves.

Cat and dog food is NEVER recommended for outdoor traps because you WILL end up with a cat in the trap. It'll be awkward trying to explain that one away to your neighbor/the cat owner.

Pay more attention to where you are putting the traps when trapping armadillos, because that will have the biggest impact. Bait is not important — it won't be helpful here.

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