How and Where to Use Armadillo Traps

One of the best places to throw an armadillo trap is close to the entrance of the burrow, along a wall. This will be a route that the animal takes twice daily and sometimes more, heading out of the burrow to find food and then heading home again when it is finished.

That's the first important piece of information you'll need to know when using traps to get rid of armadillos. The second piece of information that you'll need to know is that you'll need a trap that is sized right for a raccoon to trap an armadillo, and you'll probably need more than one of them. A single burrow can have multiple entrances, all of which will need to be investigated and/or trap-set, and the armadillo can have secondary burrows for when the first one is discovered, and sometimes maybe even a third or fourth burrow, too. That amounts to a lot of traps. The more land you're trying to cover, the more traps you'll probably need.

Of course, you just need ONE trap in exactly the right place to trap this animal, but the chances of you getting that EXACT right place is slim to none when you're inexperienced. The third important piece of information we're going to give you about using armadillo traps, is to do your research. And lots of it. It doesn't work in place of experience, but it does give you some expert advice which will come in handy.

Armadillos come hand-in-hand with disease threats, such as leprosy and rabies. (Who'd have thought it?!) They're also quite feisty creatures when they want to be, and they're armour-plated, too, giving them quite the edge against most other animals. This means that you'll want to deal with the situation VERY quickly if you have pets or kids. (And doubly so if your pets are unvaccinated against rabies.)

If you create a walkway/tunnel that leads right from the burrow's entrance, along a bit of wall, and then into a trap, you'll probably catch the animal. Because of its mostly underground dwellings it doesn't have very good vision, and this means it'll follow your given route into the trap without too much hesitation. This only works when you use a trap at the right burrow entrance, though. If you have five entrances and only one trap/tunnel system, you might never catch the animal.

Unlike with other animal trapping efforts, bait is not important with an armadillo. If you create the tunnel-trap system described above, on the right burrow entrance, you don't even need bait. The animal will simply walk into the trap. This will be even more so the case if you use twigs, leaves, branches, and other garden debris to disguise the trap a little, making it look more in-tune with the rest of its surroundings.

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