Do Armadillos Poop in the Backyard?

Armadillos are one of many animals that will poop in your backyard, but it's not because they have specifically chosen your property as their own personal toilet area. It's because the animal lives in that area — your property — and pooping there comes naturally to them.

Armadillos join the likes of foxes, domesticated cats and dogs, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and plenty of other animals, all of which poop in the backyard. Sometimes, you can use the appearance of the poop to work out what animal is causing it, but they can often look pretty much the same as the other.

What does armadillo poop look like?

Armadillo poop is quite small when compared to other animals, and usually takes a pellet-like form. If you were to measure them, the individual ‘pellets' would probably sit at about an inch long, maybe more or less depending on the size of the animal leaving it behind.

The inch-long pellets won't just have waste material in them; they'll also have the bits that weren't properly digested on the way through. This can often mean spotting actual half-eaten bugs and beetles in the pellets, and maybe even bits of twigs or berries, seeds, and other items.

Where will you find armadillo poop in the back garden?

If you know where the entrances to armadillo burrows are (or suspected armadillo burrows), you should start taking a peek around there to see if you can spot signs of poop. If the poop doesn't look like what we have described above, there is a chance that you don't have an armadillo pooping on your property, but another animal instead. Alternatively, you could have more than one pest animal problem. This happens much more regularly than you'd think.

If you look at the areas the armadillo seems to travel and frequent the most, that's where you'll find more evidence of waste matter.

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